Parenting Styles in, who would have thought!

It does happen, I've been witness to it and and seen the results. I think you'll find this article interesting


Permissive Indulgent - Encouraged to think for themselves, avoid inhibitions and not value conformity. Hands off approach. Misbehaviour usually ignored. The little darling is wonderful in the parents' eyes regardless of behaviour. No guildlines/no expectations.

Result is - No manners, lack of self-control, easily confused, difficulty understanding limits.


Permissive Indifferent - No rules or guildlines due to lack of time. Ignoring misbehaviour gives no information about the expected behaviour. No intervention.

Result is - Aggressive patterns become ingrained when not guided to find acceptable ways to get desires met. Act out in order to gain attention.


Authoritarian - Value obedience with very strict and rigid rules. Clear-cut roles that are unbending with no room for flexibility. Misbehaviour is strictly punished.

Result is - Rebellious or retreat and become submissive. Less responsive to others.


Authoritative- This is an ideal form of parenting children and dogs. The best of the best. Basic guidelines and expectations are established. MIstakes are acceptable - show flexibility. Given time to practice in making choices. Guided to see the consequences. Needs are considered but not the primary factor. Learn respect because they are treated with respect, yet not allowed overwhelming choices.

Result is - Equipped to succeed. Good at problem solving. Self-controlled and "plays well with others'"


Which Parenting Style best represents you?



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