Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that are most frequently asked about our services, if you don’t see an answer here, we’re just a phone call away or Contact us!

1. I need a dog walker, how do I get things set up?

Please contact us through the 'contact us' tab or by phone us at 905.873.8579. We will set up a time/date that will accomodate your schedule. The first consultation will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes, it is always complimentary.

These are some of the things that are needed at the consultation:
We will also need to fill out some necessary paperwork which will include a Client information, Service and Veterinary release form.

We also require that you have a photocopy of your dog’s vaccine records. Please be sure to have a copy ready for us so that we can put this in our file.

2. Are there any requirements for my dog?

Yes, the following list is for our own safety as well as the other dogs that will be in our care.

All K9Recess and Personal Dog Walks must:

  • Have id tags

  • Have a strong leash (no flexi leashes allowed)

  • Be neutered or spayed

  • Know basic obedience and have good recall

  • Be on a flea prevention program during flea season

  • Have a well-fitted collar (preferably a martingale style)

  • Be non-aggressive in nature and get along well with other dogs

  • Not pull excessively on-leash. This is very important as your dog will be walked with other dogs.

  • Be available to participate in their chosen program a minimum of 3 times each week.

  • Be up to date on their vaccinations (written proof from a veterinarian will be required for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Rabies, Leptospirosis and strongly recommend Bordetella)

3. What happens if there is an emergency with my dog?

All clients are required to complete a veterinary release form during the initial consultation. We will make every effort to contact you to receive instructions before we take your dog in for medical care. However, in emergency situations or when you cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to take your dog to the veterinarian.

4. What is your policy with regards to extreme weather conditions?

There may be occasions where the walks will be cut short or cancelled due to extreme weather and road conditions. For extreme conditions like this, we would not want to compromise your dog’s safety or our own. If this should ever happen, we will contact you immediately to let you know.

5. What happens if it is raining?

Your dog will still be walked. All clients must leave a towel by the door so that we can dry your dog off. There is a limit as to how much time we can spend drying your dog off as we will have other dogs waiting for us. If you want your dog put in an area of the home that is blocked off, or in a crate on rainy days, please let us know.

6. Will you provide daily updates on my dog?

Yes, we provide a daily PAH Report Card.

7. Do you do boarding?

Yes, for our Pets At Home Members.

8. Do you do pet sitting?

Yes, for our Pets At Home Members.

9. How does payment work?

Payment is due on the first scheduled program of the week on a weekly basis, cheque or e



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