Choosing the Right Puppy

You wouldn’t buy a house without a real estate expert to help you through the process….the same holds true when buying a puppy you’ll have a relationship with for 12 – 15 years!

Picking a puppy is an exciting process! In order to chose the right puppy, you need to begin with the right breed. Each breed has its own set of unique characteristics.

Some are very energetic, and some are big couch potatoes. Some breeds are very willing to please while others are more independent.

Once you have selected the right breed (considering general temperament traits, exercise and training needs and grooming and care requirements), you will need to select the right puppy.

Evaluating a puppy is a critical step to determine if the dog is going to be the right one for you and your family.

If you would like assistance in finding the right puppy for you, I’d be happy to help. This would include going with you & your family to evaluate and test the litter.

All our past & present dogs have been tested in their litters and we’ve never been disappointed.
It’s an amazing and fun process. Puppies, just like children of your family have the same Mom and Dad but their personalities and traits are very different.

I reccommend every family that is thinking of getting a puppy to do as much research as possible and never hesitate to seek out a reputable third party. Being in the ‘business’ for 20 years I have the knowledge and the ability to give a non-bias opinion of the pups you’ll be seeing and as always the final choice will be yours!


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