Linda C.

Zoe (rough collie) has been with Pets at Home for over 8 years since she was a rescue dog at 18 months. Linda helped us work with Zoe to blend into our family. She gets picked up for walks 3 days a week and really enjoys the company of the other dogs.
As she has gotten older and we travel more we have taken advantage of the overnight service that allows Zoe to stay at home while we are gone.
She misses the other dogs she has hung out with while we are gone!
What a great service and helps to keep her active when we work during the day

Anne Marie

As you know, we have been clients for about 10 years now and we have always found that you and the staff have provided an invaluable service. Our dogs, both Max and Cooper, have been our second sons. We have always trusted you with our precious ‘boys’ and during some difficult times with Max you went above and beyond. We are very happy to have found you --- and each day, Cooper shows how happy he is, by his exciting greeting at the door! We recommend you at every fact, we were just voting and Mark was outside with Cooper and I heard him talking about your service. Thanks from Cooper’s pack!


We have been very happy with the care that has been given to our puppy Kruger by all your staff.  It is good to know that he is happy and well taken care of while we are at work.  I was especially grateful for the special care you gave him a couple of weeks ago when he was sick!  It was such a relief to know you were taking excellent care of him while we had to be at work.


“Dakota is a very valuable member of our family and Pets at Home (the dog walkers) treat her like a family member. I know that if they arrive at my house and something is not right with Dakota they will call immediately…and when we go away and leave her behind with one of the walkers I know that she is being treated just like a family member…it certainly puts your mind at rest”.
I recommend Pets at Home to other dog owners all the time!


Oh.... how I could go on and on...
I can't imagine what the week would be like for our dearest "Handsome" without the friends (both dogs and people) he has met since joining the group. I so look forward to his return from Daycare/Recess each weekas his smile could not be any bigger.... It's easy to see how much fun he's had and it's as if he is trying to tell me all about the adventures of the day. I have come to rely on all of you in the care of this wonderful happy boy who came to us from Rescue... I trust all of you implicitly.... I just know you take the best care of him and that he is safe and happy when he is with you all.... thank you so much for all you do. It is such an important job you have and you do it so very well


I have been using PAH for almost 2 years and the experience has been fantastic. All of the "walkers" are terrific and I love the little notes left after every walk. Lucy is always so excited to greet her walker and comes home exhausted. It gives me great piece of mind to know she is lovingly taken care of. Now, if she has been a good girl, one of her treats is a walk with PAH just because. Thank you all for taking care of my girl.


Sarah & Bertie

Dear Aunty Linda, my Mummy and I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for always being there for us. When I got bitten and was bleeding the first thing my Mummy did was to call you to find out the closest vet. I was very shaken up, but I think Mummy was in an even worse state. We both felt a hundred times better when a few minutes later you came by the vets to see how we were doing. When I tried to jump up in my usual greeting despite being in pain, Mummy knew I was going to be OK. It was something you didn't have to do, but that meant so much.
There are few people I trust to take care of Bertie, and Linda is one of them - for playtime, vacations, dog training and behavioral advice. We love you and all your caring staff.

Elaine & Chris

We would like to thank Petsathome® for everything! You are all amazing and treat Sammy the way we'd wish for. It gives us great comfort knowing that he's taken care of while we are at work. Not to mention how great it is for Sammy to play with such great friends (Biscuit, Finn, Ranger, Pepper, and the list goes on and on!) Thanks again.

Lisa M

I just wanted to send you a little note to say Thank You so much for taking such great care of all the dogs!

Kelly D

Thanks so much to all you gals, we would be lost without you. On Tuesdays
and Thursday when you don't take him out, he is just crazy, he makes me walk him in the morning, he runs from me to the door, he does this sometimes for an hour until I take him out before I go to work.In the evenings he won't leave our sides, and forget going in the car without him.

Susan H

Thanks for taking such good care of Oreo and Sylvester.
We had a wonderful trip visiting three very different countries.
Each one had much to offer and it is difficult to choose our most

Iris K

I just saw that I haven't send you a note of thanks for your last kitty
petsitting time. Sorry. We really appreciate your service very much.
I would like to book another one.

Alana K

Hey there-- thanks SO much for the email!!!
I just left you a voicemail as well- I am so glad that you mentioned something. We have noticed him not being his regular excitable self
over the past couple of weeks. At first we chalked it up to him being
really tired as we had him out the weekend before last for the whole weekend running around, so it is customary for him to be out of it for
a few days afterwards! But as soon as we saw that this was lingering
and he wasn't getting any better- I made a vet appt right away. He is
going in tomorrow night and I'll start him on his meds right away.
Let me know if there is anything else we can do and sorry that he has
to be quarantined!! Let me know if you don't think it's a good idea
for him to be out. Call or email any time if you need anything.
Thanks again for letting me know about his physical
condition. It is great to know he is in such good hands when
we can't be there!!

Christina C

Thanks for the home delivery....Hazel and Samantha were delighted to
have met you through the front door. I wish I could have met you and
introduced the dogs to would have been fun - next time.
Package arrived safe and have such great assured I will be placing an order for Christmas for
some of my other doggy friends. In the meantime, thanks for taking
care of this so quickly.
All the best

Carol-Ann and Maggie

Dear Linda, Thank you so much for all the tender loving care that you and your staff have shown my little Maggie since she was 6 weeks old. She loved coming to see Joey, Leaper and all the other dogs. I personally want to Thank you for your tremendous support during these early days with Maggie. It gave me such a peace of mind to know that she was in such a wonderful environment with such great caregivers. I will highly recommend this service for any Dog Lover in need. Thank you again and I'll keep in touch. Continued success in all that you do for your Clients and their Pets. xoxoxo Maggie & Carol-Ann

Gary & Shannon

Thanks so much Linda for everything that you have done for us and Sophie. She really enjoys the time with all you guys and the other dogs. You run a great service! We are really going to miss Georgetown. The last 4 years have been fantastic.

Susan D.

We are first time dog owners of a three month old Golden Retriever - Phoebe. Without Linda's help through the four week "puppy preschool at home class", I don't know what we would have done! Each week, she offered concrete advice and suggestions regarding issues we were having, and it has made all the difference in our lives. Thanks to Linda, we are well on our way to understanding how to work with Phoebe. Linda's advice and guidance have been truly invaluable to us.


Our 4 month old chocolate Lab loves Linda. She looks forward to going out with Linda and her doggy friends every weekday. This has helped Jersey to socialize, get lots of exercise and fresh air while we work. I am always amazed at Linda's enthusiasm, kindness and good spirits.


I just LOVE my friend LInda,,,,she takes me for such wonderful walks/runs. Linda is the BEST FRIEND an animal could have and my Mom and Dad say that Linda treats us just like her own family..Anyone would be lucky to have Linda as their friend.

Robyn M

We have a 6 month old puppy and we are first time dog owners. We have had several problems with our puppy and from lack of experience and information our family is in the process of overcoming many bad habits. We were in desparate need of help and contacted Linda. Linda came into our home on a couple of occassions now and gave us advice & information that has helped our entire "puppy experience". As the main caregiver to Moose I am so grateful that her services were available to me, as I now can see a future with my dog I am truly looking forward to. Thank you Linda.

Tia - Georgetown

I am a German Shepherd Dog with a very busy lifestyle. I always look forward to my outings with Linda, we have a great time. Woof Woof, Tia

Shayne & Kim Yestal of Georgetown

We have two Mini-Australian Shepherds, "Oreo" and "Hemi", wonderful, loving pets, but need to be socialized with other dogs. Linda's dog walking services are the perfect fit for us, the dogs love it, they get exercise, and get to play with other dogs. Linda treats them as if they were her own and the dogs absolutely love her.


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