When hiring PetsAtHome your dog will be treated with respect and love by the best 'K9 Care Specialists' in Georgetown & Acton. Our focus is keeping all our 'charges' happy, healthy and safe both emotionally and physically.

Because of our great Staff we're always available to our Clients with little or no notice....that's the total dedication and commitment we have to our all our Petsathome Members...it truly is Personal Care when You Can't be there.

What makes Petsathome® different from other Pet Care Services?... It's the diversity of our programs, the loving care, friendly service and knowledge of our Staff. We offer K9Recess Group Dog Walks, In-Home Boarding for our Petstahome Members, yearly Dog Training and Wellness Seminars, Dog Behaviour Consultations, Private Training, and our wonderful Puppy Scholars program for the newest member of your family.

Petsathome® has been serving the Georgetown area for 30 years and is a Locally Owned and Registered Business.

We are Insured and Bonded and all our Dog Walkers are Police Checked to add to your peace of mind.

We're very mindful on keeping our Pet Parents and feeling safe. Our Petsathome® Staff live locally and are all active in our Community.

We’re located in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, a few minutes northwest of Toronto.
We provide services to Georgetown.


As a PetsAtHome Member if you have any questions or concerns with your dog's behaviour or training questions it's all available through coaching, experience and knowledge of Linda, Owner of PetsAtHome.

Linda's supportive to all PetsAtHome Clients and makes herself available when called upon for all questions regarding Dog Behaviour and any of your Dog Training questions or concerns.

  • For 31 years Linda has trained her dogs in Obedience under the watchful eyes of the best Dog Trainers in Ontario.

  • She continues training with her Mentor of the past two decades.

  • For 20 years has taught dog obedience Group and Private Classes.

  • Has competed with her own dogs and has taught classes in Dog Agility, Rally O and Flyball.

  • She has Titled her dogs in Flyball and Rally Obedience.

  • Her dogs have been featured in Television Commercials and Motion Picture Movies.

  • Linda and her dogs are past Members of the Northern Borders Performance Team.

  • She has been a Guest Presenter at The PawsWay in Toronto.

  • Linda volunteers her time to go into schools to teach high school students about the connections in Human and Dog Behaviour.

  • She has been involved in teaching Nursery school/Elementary shcool children about Dog Bite Prevention.

  • Linda makes a point every year to attend weekend DogTraining/Behaviour Conferences in order to keep current in her skills..

  • Her schooling includes....modifying dog-dog reactivity and other unwanted behaviors; dog human interaction, counter conditioning & desensitization, do-over dogs, animal communication and attention, fears, phobias and compulsive behaviours that dogs may inherit through genetics/environment/experiences. She has a wealth of knowledge for Members to draw upon.

  • Linda has spent a lifetime learning hands on from the most knowledgeable in the 'dog world'.. She has continually applied what she's learned and it shows from her accomplishments




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