PAH Dogs:: Didi having some tlc time, Rosey and Jersey on their way home tired!, Baby Legacy at lunchtime and Cashman sooo happy!


There is a world of dog care services available to the modern dog household

K9RecessGroup Walks are ideal for dogs of all sizes and physical abilities. 

Your dogs health and safety are our number one priority, so dogs of similar fitness levels are matched to ensure a happy pack. 
A 6 ft leash and properly fitted collar are required for all pack members.  No Flexi or extendable leashes permitted.

Our K9Recess Program has proven to help dogs overcome fears, trust issues and social skills, thanks to the good hands, skill, attention to detail and big hearts of our Petsathome® Staff.

Our group walks are a great combination of mental and physical activity for your dog. We specialize in small group walks to promote safety, fun and individual attention. Group sizes vary from 2-4 dogs, and we venture out to a local park or trail where the fun really starts!

We require your dog joins in on a minimum of 2 walks per week. A small surcharge is added when services are required on once per week basis


The outdoors is interesting for dogs and it's a place for them to learn.

No Matter the size, age of breed of your's time for your dog to get back to basics with the great outdoors as their classroom & playground.

Changing your dog's surroundings is critical to his good health both mentally and physically. The sights, sounds, and especially the smells of the outdoors keep your dog's mind alert and active.

The dogs learn how to move together as a pack and proper manners when meeting other K9 friends or hikers.
The dogs get to explore the forest floor, soak up all the good smells, and get a front row seat to see the different wildlife we share the trails with.

PetsAtHome offers your dog the best fun while expanding their knowledge, confidence and trust in Social Developement & Environmental Learning.

Being a Petsathome® Member means we want to help your dog reach his/her full potential with a solid exercise program that includes our K9Recess Group Dog Walks.

Our dogs today have far more options & opportunities to learn, grow & socialize then our parent’s dogs ever dreamed. This means many great, new adventures for our dogs, but also many new ways to get into trouble!

Solid training/socialization builds your dog's confidence, keeps him safe, and will keep you sane!

Requirements needed for your dog to be in our Group Walks: they must be friendly in nature towards other dogs and people, have good manners, and leash manners. 6' foot leash and properly fitted collar or harness. This is manditory for their safety and our safety.

We have exercise & socialization options to fit dogs of all activity levels.

Petsathome® is a Registered, Insured and Bonded Company with 30 years of Serving Georgetown and Actons Dog Population.
If you'd like more information please contact us at or click above on our Contact Us Tab and we'll set up a date/time for a complimentary meet and greet.


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