Environmentally Friendly Dog and Cat Poop Bags

Now Available with a Handy carrying case that fits on your leash or belt

Help Petsathome® help The Environment lets all use Bio Degradable when we walk our Pets and clean up after them. Our Children will thank us for it!

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The Facts!

100% biodegradable dog and cat
poop bag designed for environmentally
responsible pet owners.

The bag uses oxygen as the catalyst; it is also known as ox o-degradable bag. There is an additive called d2w that is added during the manufacturing process of the bags. The bag will safely degrade in 18-24 months after it has been manufactured.

Bag Dimensions are 12" x 14"

The chemical bonds of the bag will be broken by oxygen. The bag will then start to degrade.
Eventually it will disappear as the bag breaks down into carbon dioxide, oxygen and a small amount of biomass leaving no toxic behind.

Bags are on a roll with center-pull design and wrapped with a clear film.  The wrap itself is a dispenser.  You won't need to carry unnecessary weight in your pocket anymore.  
Now with a clear film design pet owners will notice the bags run out.

The Reason

It's Obvious why we should all do our part for OUR CHILDREN and Generations to come, just think if we all did are part how much cleaner our Environment would be!

To Order


Each roll contains 35 bags
cost per roll $2.49 CAD

We ship world-wide. The shipping fees are approximately $2.00/roll plus taxes.

Poop bag Holder fits on your leash and or belt

(includes 1 rolls of bags)





$7.50 1 Holder and 1 roll of Bags



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