If any of these behaviours look familiar in your home, our PetsAtHome Program will help teach you the tools necessary to communicate with your dog to stop unwanted behaviours. Our methods are easy to understand, positive and fun for all dogs and puppies.
With 25 years of experience of training and working all breeds & ages of dogs WE CAN
make a difference in helping you understand how to get the behaviours you want and get rid of the the ones listed on this page.

Garden Helper?

Aggression towards other people and dogs?

Won't Let Go of things?

Barking too much?

Getting into the trash?

Demands Attention?

Mischievous, getting into

House Breaking Problems?

Guarding Food?

Chasing Cats?

Jumping Up?

Pulling on leash?


Stealing things?


Dogs do what works
A change in your dogs behavior is simply your dog responding to his environment at that very moment.
What he does one day will not necessarily be what he does another day.




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